Diligent Minds

The Outside You Vs. The Inner You

April 04, 2022 Episode 136
Diligent Minds
The Outside You Vs. The Inner You
Show Notes

As we walk the journey of life and grow into adults. We learn to hold some things in and not show everything to the world. During this process, we suppress our most inner feelings and thoughts. This then becomes a trap for our true selves that we may be scared of or just don't know how to put into the real world. We may not be sure how we'll be perceived and continue holding our true selves in and begin to be what we think the world wants us to be.

In this episode, I share the difference between the person on the outside and inside. You will learn why and how to mold the 2 together so that you can live a life that is suitable to who you truly are.

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